Friday, February 24, 2017

We ALL Must Support President Trump's Immigration Actions

I created this blog site in 2010 as a means of exchanging information regarding the presence of illegal aliens in the United States.  After approximately 15 months, I allowed it to lapse.  At the time, I had many other projects to concentrate on and this site was not a priority.  Events which have transpired over the past several weeks have caused me realize this forum is needed now more than ever.  In response, I have decided to resurrect IllegalsAreIllegal!

We are being invaded, America!  Make no mistake about it: this IS an invasion of our great nation.  If this current illegal alien crisis is not resolved quickly, this country will change forever...and NOT in a good way!  We must stand up for OUR rights as U.S. citizens.  We must demand that our elected officials listen to We The People, not special interest groups and lobbying organizations for illegals.

Fortunately, we have a new president who believes in enforcing our immigration laws.  After 8 years of Obama's "catch and release", we finally have a chance to get a handle on our massive illegal alien problem

President Trump cannot do it alone.  He is being challenged every step of the way by those on the left.  Not just Democrats, but some RINOs within his own party as well.  Activist judges are also stepping in to thwart his efforts from the bench.  We The People must stand up and demand that our laws be enforced.  We're not asking for new laws.  All we're asking is for enforcement of EXISTING immigration law.  This is what President Trump is trying to do.

Enforce the law.  Illegals must be deported immediately.  Secure our borders to stop new illegal aliens from entering.  No more "catch and release."  No more lies and propaganda, falsely reporting to the American people that our borders are secure.  No more pandering to illegal aliens and those who are using them as pawns to further their liberal open borders agenda.

Illegals aliens are ILLEGAL.  What part of ILLEGAL do they not understand?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Are Illegal Aliens Impacting Your Community? Tell Us!

How has the latest influx of illegals affected your neighborhood?  Have new illegals arrived in your town?  Are there proposals being floated to house illegal immigrants in your city?  Are your mayor and governor pro-amnesty, or have they stood with the citizens and affirmed their opposition to having illegals relocated in your community?  Please share your stories with us.

Also, if you know of specific locations being targeted for transfers of illegal immigrants, please share this information as well.  United, we stand.  Divided, we fall.

Illegals' "Right to Privacy" Trumps YOUR Right to Know They're Here!

As if this situation weren't outrageous enough already!  Now, the White House is refusing to divulge the locations of illegal immigrants.  Reason?  The illegals have a "right to privacy" which takes precedence over American citizens' right to know who is being brought in to live in their communities!

Massachusetts to House Illegal Aliens at Abandoned Shopping Malls

Heads up, Massachusetts!  Coming soon to an empty mall near you: up to 1,000 new illegals!

WE WON! Feds Give Up on Plan to House Illegals in Fancy Texas Hotel

How do they justify spending $3.8 million of OUR MONEY to house illegal aliens in a fancy hotel?  They couldn't!  FOX NEWS is now reporting that the proposal has been scrapped:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where to buy an Illegal Alien Halloween Costume in 2011

It's that time of year again! Time to bring out that fall symbol of political-incorrectness and insensitivity, the Illegal Alien Halloween Costume!

Several retailers including Target and Walmart have bowed to pressure from advocates of illegal immigrants and removed the costumes from their store shelves. But a quick search on the Internet shows they're still available. Here's a few links that I found: Halloween Costumes & Party Supplies

Costume Craze


If the complete illegal alien costume is too much for you, Halloween Express has an alternative: the Illegal Alien Latex Adult Mask. The green eyes of a space alien combined with the baseball cap and overgrown handlebar mustache of a human illegal alien. Priceless!

For those who are "offended" by such costumes, I really don't care. Personally, I am offended at the millions of illegal aliens who continue to thwart our immigration laws, costing legal American citizens billions of dollars every year.